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Faye Gorman

Phone:+64 27 278 8630
Address:I don't currently work regularly from a physical office space, as I have specialised in reaching those living and working in rural and remote locations.

I am available for mental and emotional wellness consultations via phone, or a very secure video tele- medicine platform, similar to Skype.

So, wherever you are, we can work together.
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About Me and My Practice

I began training as a Psychotherapist in 1985 while working as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse at the Ashburn Clinic. This experience ignited my curiosity and challenged me to understand more about the complexities of human relationships; how our past experiences influence the present, how we respond to life events, and the things that get in the way of a joyful, productive, and creative life.

My approach is comprehensive, holistic and relational. I work with you in a collaborative way to facilitate self- understanding and to foster positive development.

I work with men and women of all ages, and have wide experience with young adults. With over thirty years experience working in mental health/wellness in a variety of settings, I bring that depth of experience, along with a compassionate and non-judgemental heart, to the science and art that is Psychotherapy.

Providing professional supervision is a substantial aspect of my practice, including: psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, lawyers, managers, teachers, tertiary educators, and community agency workers.

I work biculturally alongside Maori, and am the initiator and inaugural holder of the national NZAP portfolio for bicultural practice in Aotearoa.

The diversity of our planet interests me immensely, and I enjoy working cross culturally. I have worked with Refugees and Immigrants (sometimes with interpreters) from around the world.

Practice Hours

I can offer great flexibility for your appointments, as via video or phone, as I am not restricted to standard office hours. If you would like to phone or email me, we can have a chat about moving forward, and what might work best for you.

It is important to feel you are 'in the right place' for your needs, and to ensure tele-consultation is right for you. For some, it's a great choice if you are unable to travel for any reason, or your live remotely.

Please note, it can sometimes be important for you to see a Clinician in person, so if you feel unsafe in any way, please talk to your GP or seek urgent assistance near to you.

Duration and Cost

Sessions are 50 minutes and my standard fee is $120 + GST.

Appointments are usually most helpful weekly, for a period of time.

Payment is usually requested prior to the appointment, and can be made via PayPal.

Treatment duration can vary according to your needs: from brief solution focused work of a few sessions, to deeper longer term work that concludes when you feel ready.

Accepted by Insurers

Funding assistance may be available from Work & Income New Zealand (WINZ) for those on a lower income.

Formal Qualifications

Diploma of Nursing (Dunedin School of Nursing)
Certified Apprenticeship Pathway in Psychotherapy (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists)

Other Training or Experience

Mental Health & Personal Development: I have undertaken over thirty courses in my years in practice, ranging from art therapy, couples work, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress treatment, and supervision training. I am currently engaged in further training in supervision, sexuality & sex therapy, and the Balint method, an internationally recognised specialist supervision group method for doctors.

I have been awarded the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists' (NZAP) Certificate of Advanced Psychotherapeutic Practice in recognition of the long, intensive apprenticeship model I trained under, which included a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches.

Other: First aid, marine mammal studies, theatre, writing, and tourism, amongst many others.

Statutory Registrations

Nursing Council of New Zealand
The Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand

Memberships of Professional Organisations

Member (full): New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

Additional Information

Course Development & Delivery:

Pacific: Counselling skills course for government employees from throughout the Cook Islands.

Tertiary Education: Lectured in mental health topics, designed & delivered assertiveness and communication skills, problem solving, and many personal growth groups.

Organisational Consultancy: Undertaken reviews of services and programmes.

I have been on the National Council of NZAP, have led teams of counsellors, and am currently studying International Health.

News: I have launched a practice called Metta Consultancy. Metta is a word from the Buddhist tradition, with a broad meaning of 'loving kindness'. It is this underlying value that is the foundation of Metta Consultancy.