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Sue Griffiths

Phone:03 479 0996
Address:7B Union St.
Central Dunedin
My practice is located in a Psychotherapy Counselling Centre in a comfortable house in the north end of Dunedin, close to Otago University, Otago Polytechnic, and Dunedin hospital. 60 min free parking in front of building.
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About Me and My Practice

My emphasis is on providing a respectful, compassionate, and confidential service.

Originally trained as a nurse, my interest in psychotherapy and counselling was sparked by working in Mental Health. Wanting to fully understand a more integrative approach to clients, I also trained and worked in General and Obstetric nursing. Then I returned to Mental Health and worked for ten years in a Family and Adolescent Unit, becoming the Clinical Team Leader. At the time this unit was part Otago University's Department of Psychological Medicine. My work then also focused on family systems and I wanted to further expand on my work with adults, as well as families and adolescents.

My interest has always been in gaining a deeper understanding of what is characteristically inherent and what is environmentally influenced in terms of a person's development and constitution, and how they experience their life. To further my knowledge I trained privately in adult psychotherapy and gained my membership to the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists through the examination of written clinical material and an oral examination. I later trained specifically in the model of Self Psychology and use this as a base for my current work. I also draw on my many years of experience working and teaching in a wide ranging variety of mental health issues.

Through an empathic approach I work to connect with clients and assist them to understand their inner world and make sense of what is troubling them. This is a process of developing a working therapeutic relationship using exploration, facilitation, and sometimes explanation.

I work with a variety of troubling issues including somatic illnesses, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. I also work with couples, families, and adolescents as well as offering professional supervision.

Practice Hours

Flexible hours between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Thursday.
By appointment only. Accepting new patients.

Duration and Cost

All sessions are 50 minutes. Fee is $90 per session.

Accepted by Insurers

Accredited to work with ACC sensitive claims.
Provision of therapy for those eligible for Work and Income allowance.

Formal Qualifications

Diploma of General and Obstetric Nursing (Waikato Hospital)
Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing (Cherry Farm Hospital)
Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy (Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy Ltd.)

Other Training or Experience

I value highly ongoing education and regularly attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and short courses covering my areas of clinical interest and work. I keep up to date with research and relevant literature, and have regular individual and group supervision. My work is peer reviewed. I attend Treaty and bi-cultural workshops.

I have facilitated teaching groups for nurses and medical students. I have tutored third and fourth year medical students in small groups teaching communication skills.

I facilitated the staff group at Ashburn clinic for a number of years.

I work for two Employment Assistance Programs (EAP) and provide Critical Incident Debriefing as well as counselling for employees. I manage an EAP program in Dunedin.

I have worked in mental health services in Australia and the United Kingdom. More recently, I have worked with students at the former Dunedin College of Education and Otago University Student Health Service. This has given considerable experience and understanding of working with people of all ages and stages.

Statutory Registrations

The Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand

Memberships of Professional Organisations

Member: New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

Additional Information

I am a member of the local New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists’ Supervisors group and in this capacity supervise applicant members on their path to gaining full membership of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP).

I have also been a member of examination marking panels for full membership to NZAP.

I have had articles published in the NZAP journal “Forum” and in an annual publication “The Self In Conversation”, Vol. 4, ANZAP 2005.