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Barbara Ward

Phone:03 455 6862 (answer phone)
or:027 482 1148
Address:23 Market St
St. Kilda
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About Me and My Practice

I have been practicing Classical Homeopathy since 1991 and own the Dunedin Homoeopathy Clinic. Classical Homoeopathy is unique as the remedy is chosen to support the totality of the client's symptoms and not just directed at a named disease. As I listen to my clients it becomes apparent what remedy is needed because of the story they tell, the symptoms they have, and the persona of the client. All are important clues to finding the correct remedy that will unlock the healing process.

Each consultation leads to an unravelling of ill health as they step to a place of better health. I pride myself in being attentive to listening to you, and at your first consultation I will explain what you can expect from homeopathic treatment under my guidance. I will work alongside you and any other health professionals that you choose to involve.

I have been a NZ registered Homeopath since 1991, with the NZ Council of Homeopaths earning the title RCHom.


I am also trained as a Shamanic Facilitator since training with Ai Gvhdi Waya (Arizona in 2003),

Soul Recovery and Extraction, one of the tools of shamanic healing, enables people to regain their wholeness. Sometimes a smell, a place, or a situation can make people disengage with life. I liken this to operating from the wound or trauma (like a chipped plate) and as they return to a more complete state beautiful changes occur in their lives. Journeys (SRE) can be done on animals, land and people whether alive or deceased. Sometimes they get stuck between worlds and cannot move forward. Soul Recoveries are a very powerful healing tool.

A trained Shamanic Facilitator will move into an altered state (without the use of drugs of any type) to undertake a guided journey, in which he or she will work with symbols, events from this life or past lives, and archetypal energy to assist the client to achieve healing.

Practice Hours

Consultations are by appointment, and evenings or out of hours appointments are available Monday - Friday.
New clients are always welcome.

Duration and Cost

Initial appointments are 1 hour and $95-$100 inclusive of your first remedy.
Subsequent follow-ups are $60.

Shamanic Healing Soul Recovery/Extraction:
$200 (includes the journey, written report, and 2 phone discussions with me)

Accepted by Insurers

Accuro Health Insurance - 0800 222 876,
Southern Cross Medical - 0800 800 181,
Education Benevolent Scheme - 0800 268 3763, (for members of the following groups only - NZEI, PPTA, TEU, TIASA, ISEA & PSA)
Ellenco - 0800 738 752, (pet insurance only)

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Homeopathy (Australian College of Natural Medicine)
Diploma of the Society of Radiographers (Dunedin Public Hospital)
Med REP Diploma (Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Brisbane)

Other Training or Experience

Trained as Shamanic Facilitator under the guidance of Ai Gvdhi Waya.

Statutory Registrations

None listed

Memberships of Professional Organisations

Full: NZ Council of Homeopaths

Additional Information

I have written a book called Alpaca Homoeopathy, 2007.

I run Homeopathy First Aid Courses which can be applied to both animals and people.

I do Shamanic Workshops.

For recreation, I like to watch science-fiction movies and I enjoy doing home renovation.