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Joanne Inder

Phone:03 473 0144
Address:Gardens Health Centre, 26 Bank Street
Gardens Health is an attractive new purpose- built facility, close to the Botanical Gardens. Free parking is available to clients.
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About Me and My Practice

I have a passion for life, my family, my community, and our planet. I am Mum to four grown-up wonderful children, Step-mum to my husband’s two grown-up daughters, and we have six grand-children.

I enjoy time to be, think, read, and explore my own creativity — gardening, arts and crafts, and doing — walking, cycling, tramping, and climbing.

I have the extraordinary privilege of working with others to help them get better, recover from injury and illness, explore and discover who they are, and co-create improved ways of moving and being.

I have been practising as a Physiotherapist since 1980, working in a wide range of health and education environments. I work at Gardens Physiotherapy, which offers a comprehensive and holistic approach, working with our clients to facilitate their recovery and achieve their goals.

I became interested in exploring complementary and wellness perspectives and strategies during the 1990s, prompted both by my own personal journey and clients’ experiences. I continue to explore and undertake training, integrating new insights and tools into my practice.

I teach Clinical Pilates in our exercise studio at Gardens Physiotherapy, in small groups. I am also an Educational Kinesiology Consultant and Brain Gym® Instructor.

Practice Hours

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
By appointment only. Appointments available at other times by arrangement. Accepting new clients. Please contact reception at Gardens Health Centre, tel. 03 473 0144 extn 2.

Brain Gym® workshop queries are welcome. I am happy to create workshops customised to your workplace’s/community group’s/school’s/preschool’s needs.

Pilates Classes: Please ring for current timetable

Duration and Cost

ACC clients: Initial assessments are ¾ hr, follow-up treatments are ½, ¾ or 1 hour depending on your needs

Full rate: 1 hour: $30; ¾ hour: $25; ½ hour: $20
Community Service Card: 1 hour: $25; ¾ hour: $20; ½ hour: $15
Students/Gold card: 1 hour: $25; ¾ hour: $20; ½ hour: $15

Private Clients:
Full rate: 1 hour: $80; ¾ hour: $60; ½ hour: $45
Community Service Card: 1 hour: $70; ¾ hour: $55; ½ hour: $40
Students/Gold Card: 1 hour: $70; ¾ hour: $55; ½ hour: $40

Pilates Classes: Pay for 6 classes and the 7th class is free
Full rate: $72 for 6 classes
Community Service Card: $60 for 6 classes
Students/Gold card: $60 for 6 classes

Exercise studio is available for community use, to rent for wellness or activity based programs or meetings: $20/hour, $60/half day, $100/day

Brain Gym® Workshops:

Brain Gym Presentations: by negotiation

Brain Gym Introduction: 1 day
• $120 incl GST (includes class materials, certificate and Brain Gym: Teachers Edition Text)/participant
• Organise a group, $600 +GST, workshop will be customised to groups needs

Brain Gym 101:
• $450 (includes manual and certificate)/participant
• Organise a group, $1600 +GST, manuals additional cost
• The 32hrs can be creatively organised to suit a group's needs

Vision Circles
• $350 incl GST/participant
• Organise a group, $1200 +GST, manuals additional cost

Accepted by Insurers

Physiotherapy treatment for accident-related health problems is subsidised by ACC.
Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) will meet costs in some situations.
Some private insurance companies will meet costs. Please check with your insurer.

Formal Qualifications

Master of Physiotherapy (University of Otago)
Educational Kinesiologist (Educational Kinesiology Network of New Zealand)
Instructor of Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology Foundation)

Other Training or Experience

Physiotherapy: ongoing professional development to maintain annual practising certificate and physiotherapy professional standards
Dry Needling: level 1 and 2
DMA Clinical Pilates
CAM Therapies
Massage - deep tissue, sport, therapeutic, Swedish, trigger point release

Educational Kinesiology: Brain Gym Introduction, Brain Gym 101 (4x), In-Depth 7 Dimensions (2x), Childhood Reflexes Basic (2x) and Advanced (2x), Teachers’ Practicum (2x), Vision Circles (2x), Vision Circles Teacher Training, Creative Vision, Movement Re-Education, Optimal Brain Organisation, Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole Brain Vision, White Matter Matters, Annual NZ AGM and Updates

Kinesiologies: Touch for Health I-II, LEAP-Brain Integration I, Attitudes with Essence, Holographic Muscle Monitoring, PKP The Five Fundamentals
CranioSacral Therapy 1

Reiki 1
Foot Reflexology
Therapeutic Communication, Micro-counselling, The Process of Grief, Gestalt workshops and supervision

Statutory Registrations

Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand

Memberships of Professional Organisations

Member: Physiotherapy New Zealand
Member: New Zealand Physiotherapy Private Practitioners Association Inc.
Member: Educational Kinesiology Network of New Zealand
Member: Brain Gym® International

Additional Information


1. Motor and Postural Response Profiles of Four Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder. Inder Joanne M, Sullivan S John. Pediatric Physical Therapy, Spring 2005-Volume 17-Issue 1-pp18-29

2. Does an Educational Kinesiology intervention alter postural control in children with a Developmental Coordination Disorder? Clinical Kinesiology: Journal of the American Kinesiotherapy Association, Winter, 2004 by Joanne M. Inder, S. John Sullivan.

3. NZSP Conference Presentation May 2004: The Effect of an Educational Kinesiology Intervention on Postural Responses In Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Educational Kinesiology

Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) is a comprehensive mind/body integration programme that uses specific movements known as Brain Gym® and a 5 step goal-oriented process to:

A Kinesiology session involves the identification of a need or issue in which you would like to be more competent, and naming a goal as a focus for a Kinesiology Balance process. This process can be adapted for any age.

Developmental Kinesiology: Early Childhood Reflexes

Early development is driven by a series of primary movements or reflexes which emerge, develop, and integrate to guide and facilitate survival and movement. The foundational neurological scaffolding is thereby built for increasingly complex movement, relationships, exploration, and learning to allow successful participation in the world.

Kinesiology and Brain Gym permit testing for unintegrated reflexes to facilitate their maturation and integration. This frees the mind-body system of compensatory strategies, allows greater freedom and sophistication of movement, and can dramatically change performance in life and learning.

Description of Workshops:

Brain Gym Introduction (1 day):

Brain Gym 101 (4 day or equivalent ½ days/hours):

Vision Circles (3 days):

Introductory Presentations and Workshops can be organised with community groups, early childhood centres, schools, workplaces, and business teams, according to needs and time availability.

Brain Gym workshop queries are welcome. I can creatively respond to your group's needs and adapt presentation and content.

Full Workshops are part of the International and NZ Educational Kinesiology Training Curriculum.

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