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Cecil Tamang

Phone:03 472 8683
or:086 505 515
Location:All visits in your own home

About Me and My Practice

You are a midwife, assisting at someone else's birth.

Do good without show or fuss.

Facilitate what is happening rather than what you think ought to be happening.

If you must take the lead, lead so that the mother is helped, yet still free and in charge.

When the baby is born, the mother will rightly say: 'We did it ourselves!'

I am a mother and a midwife, and live on a small farm in Port Chalmers. I have two children, and value my time as a mother as well as my vocation of midwifery. I am a passionate supporter of home birth, and I provide midwifery care for families wishing to birth at home. In my 'spare' time I love tramping, reading, and dreaming of new adventures.

I believe that every birth is unique and unfolds in its own perfection, and it is my privilege to accompany families as they welcome their babies in the gentlest and most loving possible way.

I take time to stay abreast of current research, and feel strongly that women and families need quality, balanced information. Once families understand the sometimes conflicting, and often controversial, strands of evidence concerning birth choices, I encourage families to trust their 'gut' and intuition to make decisions that are right for them. I am passionate about growing the body of knowledge around homebirth, and work to bring the homebirth perspective when interpreting research.

I enjoy offering massage as an integral part of pregnancy visits. Many pregnant women love a relaxing foot or back massage with fragrant oils.

The 'heart' of midwifery is about forming genuine relationships based on trust and open communication. I find the connections that develop with birthing families to be one of the most rewarding aspects of midwifery.

'First, do no harm' is a guiding principle in my approach; I believe we cannot improve natural birth through interventions, we can only disrupt it. Very occasionally interventions can be helpful in homebirth; any unforeseen emergencies would be carefully dealt with at home. If transfer to hospital were to become the best choice, I accompany families as an advocate and supporter.

I believe that choosing your midwife is the most important decision you will make, as all the choices available to you along the way will flow directly from the type of care you are receiving. Choose carefully! I'm always happy for a phone or face-to-face chat about what I offer, with no obligation. I accept bookings up to three births in a month, and provide all your care in your home.

Practice Hours

For Urgent Midwifery care: 24/7 availability
I schedule occasional holidays around my caseload. My colleagues provide back-up cover if I am ever unavailable.

For routine visits: I try to schedule my visits into 'office hours' during weekdays, but often end up making evening visits for families who are working through the pregnancy, or if partners wish to be involved.

For non-urgent phone contact: please respect that I also have a young family and make all non-urgent phone calls between 8-6, Monday-Friday.

For urgent midwifery care: do not hesitate to make contact at any time of day or night.

Duration and Cost

Like all midwifery care in Aotearoa/New Zealand, my care is free for NZ citizens, permanent residents, and long-term (2 years +) visa holders. For families that are not eligible for free care, I provide a sliding-scale payment option to ensure affordability.

Accepted by Insurers


Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Midwifery (Otago Polytechnic)

Other Training or Experience

None listed

Statutory Registrations

Midwifery Council of New Zealand

Memberships of Professional Organisations

Trustee: Home Birth Aotearoa
Member: New Zealand College of Midwives
Member: Home Birth Midwives Collective Dunedin
Member: Home Birth Association of Dunedin

Additional Information


Cecil was a wonderful partner for my pregnancy and birth journey. She was as perfect as I hoped. She gave me a lot of valuable information, listened to me, and empowered me. We talked a lot during my pregnancy, so we did not need to talk at my birth. She supported me at my labour, but always from behind the scenes. Cecil’s tenderness, warmth and passion will make any women’s birth experience more fulfilling. We really appreciate her presence throughout our family growing in NZ. Thank you so much Cecil!

Keiko -- January 2011

We feel so blessed for you to have been part of Stanley’s journey into our lives, Cecil. Thank you so much for being the amazing, supportive, intuitive woman that you are. The visits you made to our home before and after Stanley’s birth were a delight and we are so thankful for your additional support for the birth itself – what a beautiful, healing experience that was, and what a pleasure it was to have your extra pair of hands, kind words and calming presence there! It is a pleasure to know you and we look forward to seeing you and your beautiful family again.

Vicki, Mark, Freddy and Stanley Rogers -- January 2011

I met Cecil towards the end of my pregnancy to be present at my second baby’s birth as a backup midwife. Cecil came to me highly recommended and I have to say accolades made in Cecil’s honor cannot come close to the amazing gift that came to me by having Cecil present at Maple’s birth.

Due to my “rapid” labour Cecil’s role turned from a backup capacity into the lead midwife there to see Maple come home gently, safely and peacefully at our home. I can’t actually put words to how beautiful it was to have Cecil by my side, her ability to be there and support in such a way that I felt so safe and confident, yet a very subtle presence that was always just enough but never too much.

I have come to know Cecil as a women truly gifted and wise beyond her years. My wee girl had some minor complications at the time of birth, she cleared herself very quickly and came around to her own strength in a brief time frame. I firmly believe that Cecil’s amazing level of professionalism, spirituality and calm knowing played a major role in our outcome being so positive.

If you are reading this you are one step closer to you and your baby being truly blessed by having Cecil present for the amazing journey that birth is.



Cecil sweet Cecil xx

Leigh O'Malley -- December 2009