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Naturopaths are qualified health professionals. A naturopath uses various modalities, including lifestyle and dietary advice. They may also use herbs, Bach flowers, body treatments, and nutritional supplements.

Assessment tools such as hair, iris, urine, blood, and tongue analysis may also be used to find reasons for the presenting health problem.

Naturopathic treatment is intended to assist and stimulate a person's own internal self-regulation processes. Health promotion and disease prevention are priorities in order to promote wellbeing. Cleansing therapies are also recommended to promote healing. Naturopaths recognise the interdependence of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and cultural aspects of health (holism).

Naturopathy is both a system of natural medicine and a way of life. The belief at the core of naturopathy is that each person is an individual; no two people are alike. Requirements to maintain health in an individual will differ from one person to the next, depending on such considerations as age, ethnicity, family health history, occupation, and presenting health problem(s). Naturopathy is an 'umbrella term' which encompasses all natural healing modalities employed by naturopaths.

Each naturopath will offer different treatments in their clinical practice, according to their areas of training and expertise.

Sourced from: Naturopaths of New Zealand

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