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Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic technique that combines western and eastern therapeutic principles to embrace every aspect of health and well-being.

The key to kinesiology is muscle testing, which can reveal energy flows throughout the body, identify the underlying causes of problems, and indicate what is needed to help you heal yourself.

Most of us have a “weak link” in our bodies. If we are under too much stress, this is the link that will give. Some people may come down with a virus, some may put their back or shoulder out, another may get a headache, someone else may develop a digestive problem. When this happens, we say “we are prone to...”. These are symptoms of some imbalance in the body.

By applying light pressure to a muscle and gauging the response, a kinesiologist can let you know if something is beneficial or not. It is monitoring this response from the body that kinesiologists call muscle testing. Three people with the same problem (let’s say a headache) could, via muscle testing, show different imbalances. One could be a pinched nerve (structural), one an allergy (biochemical), and one a life stress (emotional).

Muscle testing is then used to show what is most likely to bring the body back into balance. This in turn will allow their body to deal with the headache. Then work can be done on maintaining this balance.

Kinesiology can help increase your energy and vitality, promote well-being, reduce stress or pain, manage your emotions better, or even improve your performance at business, sport, or learning,

Sourced from: Kinesiology Association of New Zealand

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