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Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a method of psychotherapy developed in the 1950s by Fritz Perls, MD. This approach honours each human being as a unique expression of life in a culture which may not always allow that uniqueness. The culture itself may have needs which conflict with those of the individual. The art of living is to successfully resolve these conflicts so that both the individual and the culture can be nourished as a result.

The Gestalt Therapy approach encourages individual personal growth through the development of self-awareness and self-support to enable creative and spontaneous contact with people and the environment in which we live. This process does not conform to pre-set rules or expectations. A Gestalt therapist encourages clients to explore and find ways to live life in a meaningful way. The learning and application of Gestalt therapy is always experiential, with clients being encouraged to experiment between client and therapist as the vehicle for healing.

We each have blocks within us which prevent the free flow of our natural liveliness. Gestalt Therapy seeks to bring awareness to the nature of these blocks and how they may be dissolved, so that the authentic self may emerge as an ally as we move through life. The Gestalt approach has been applied with success to all types of therapy, with individuals, groups, couples, families, children, and organisations.

Sourced from: Gestalt Institute of New Zealand

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