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Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling is based on the anthroposophical model of a human being which incorporates the physical body, the subtle energy body or etheric, and the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.The anthroposophical medical system is used for the diagnosis and management of counselling processes.

In addition, a holistic model of counselling regards the client at all times as a whole human being who is expert in his/her own experiences and who must define what he/she is willing and ready to transform in his/her life.

Holistic counselling regards human problems as opportunities for growth and development; each client is seen as a unique being carrying within him or herself the archetypes of wellness, beauty, wholeness, truth, and knowledge for their flourishing as a human being.

Holistic counselling also sees the psycho-social problems of individuals within the context of family, societal, and global systems of energy flows and networks.

Sourced from: Sophia College

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