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Foot Joint Mobilisation

The foot does not have to be painful to create problems in almost any area of the body. Within the foot are nerve receptors called proprioceptors - they sense the position and movement of the foot and inform the rest of the body to ensure co-ordination of movement and position. As you walk, the ankle and toes of your back foot bend and stimulate the nerve sensors in the ankle, foot, and toes, sending information up to the shoulder on the same side. This information causes the muscles in the back of the shoulder to relax and the muscles in the front of the shoulder to contract, so that your arm moves smoothly forward in synchronization balance.

If the foot is not functioning normally, the nerves are stimulated in a confused manner and do not send correct information. When this happens the body works against itself, causing joints to ache, muscular fatigue, and strain. Ultimately, the entire body becomes involved.

Foot Joint Mobilisation (FJM) consists of 17 moves to realign the bones of the feet followed by exercises. Two half-hour treatments are needed each week over an 8 week period.

By correcting the alignment of the bones in the feet, posture stability and balance will improve, which lead to more effective movement patterns.

Among others, FJM can help with:

• Back pain

• Aching feet

• Sciatica

• Knee pain

• Hip pain

• Flat feet

• Shoulder pain

• Arthritis

Sourced from: Karen McLeod Massage Therapy

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