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Reiki is most often translated as "universal life force energy" and is pronounced "ray key". It is a combination of two Japanese words - Rei which means “spirit” or “universe”, and Ki which is "life force energy".

Reiki is a natural, vibrational, hands-on healing practice which utilises the presence of universal life force energy to support the body’s self-healing ability.

The system of Reiki was founded in Japan in the early 1900s by Mikao Usui and has been passed down from teacher to student. It was introduced to the West in the mid-1900s by Hawayo Takata who was born in Hawaii of Japanese descent.

Today Reiki is widely used throughout the world as both a self-help tool and to assist others in a multitude of situations from private practices to hospitals.

Reiki is known to assist in:

• Reduction of stress and pain

• Reduced levels of anxiety

• Improvement of sleep patterns

• Replenished energy levels

• Enhanced sense of well-being

Professional sessions are offered by certified Reiki practitioners as a complementary therapy, and can be integrated into any health plan to support improved health and wellbeing. One or a series of sessions may be required.

Sourced from: Reiki New Zealand

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