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About this site

HealthSearch has been created to provide comprehensive information about healthcare practitioners in Otago, so that you can make an informed choice about whom you may consult.

  • HealthSearch is an 'integrative' directory. This means that HealthSearch includes information about conventional healthcare practitioners (GPs, physiotherapists, pharmacists, etc.), complementary healthcare practitioners (naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, etc.), and the treatments they offer.
  • HealthSearch is an independent, community-based and community-funded project without commercial interest or advertising.
  • All healthcare practitioners who provide services directly to the public are invited to a free of charge listing on HealthSearch.
  • Each profile on HealthSearch has been created by the practitioners themselves following a template provided by HealthSearch.

Prior to publication, all practitioner profiles are reviewed by the HealthSearch review team to ensure no undue claims of treatment efficacy are made. Documents confirming a practitioner’s qualifications must be supplied to the review team for verification.

HealthSearch is a directory only and therefore does not endorse any practitioner, their skill, or their practice methods. Other websites linked to by HealthSearch may contain material, e.g. unsubstantiated claims of treatment efficacy, for which HealthSearch does not take responsibility. Any concerns about healthcare practitioners should be referred to the Health and Disability Commissioner.

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